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Why you End up Paying High Health Insurance Costs for No Apparent Reason

Try to do an online search for health insurance quotes, and you’ll often find that the insurance vendors just can’t agree on what to charge for a policy. They lawfully charge wildly different prices for the exact same kind of coverage. They do this because each company has a different policy in how to deal with different kinds of risk. What your health insurance costs are in other words, completely boil down to what the formula is that each company likes to work with. To one company, a pre-existing blood pressure situation may spell doom and destruction and they may use it as a way to charge you very high prices. At another company, their formula may require them to not even take notice of this. If you take a look at the different kinds of physical and medical risk factors that insurance companies like to include in their formulas to determine what your health insurance costs should be, you’ll find that every health insurance provider’s there are some risk factors always remain important. Your body mass index happens to be an important factor in how much of a risk you present to the insurance companies. Since even slightly higher-than-normal levels of body weight can put you at risk for diabetes, arthritis, heart problems and other expensive diseases, the health insurance companies handily make your insurance premiums a lot more expensive when they see a weight problem. If there’s one thing that all the health insurance companies agree on, it’s that tobacco users need to be made to pay – make to pay for how much their habit can cost at the hospital. What they don’t agree on is if tobacco users need to be given healthcare at all. Most major health insurance providers will completely deny tobacco users any…

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Beating jet lag: how to travel smart across time zones

Anyone who’s taken a flight which spans several time zones, whether west to east or east to west, can tell you about jet lag. Jet lag is essentially a condition caused by the disruption of what is called your circadian rhythms, the 24 hour daily cycle during which you distribute your waking and sleeping hours. If you’re accustomed to waking at 7am and going to sleep at 11pm, local time and suddenly disrupt this cycle by getting on a plane and traveling to a destination that changes your normal 7am wakeup to 4pm, while matching up your normal bedtime to 8am, you will experience jet lag. The symptoms of jet lag are much like that of a hangover. You’re utterly exhausted, dehydrated, suffering from indigestion and a bit disoriented. This is no way to start a vacation! Here we give you some practical tips on how to travel smart and beat the jet lag syndrome. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ordering a drink on board, or taking a sleeping pill will help. According to The Lancet medical reports, almost 20% of deaths on board long flights are attributed to blood clots, particularly in the lungs, induced by travelers who have used an alcoholic beverage or sleeping pill in an attempt to side-step the lack of sleep factor! This strategy is a loser. What you should do instead is to make sure that you keep your circulation intact. Walk around, or just stretch your legs periodically. As with a hangover, jet lag is a condition of extreme dehydration. One of the best things you can do to moderate the effects of jet lag is to drink water. So simple, yet effective. Typically, the airplane cabin is drier than the least humid places on earth – you’re losing, on average,…

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Using a Smart Phone and Making Cheap Overseas Calls on Skype for Mobile

My sister went sightseeing around Europe recently, and she used her AT&T cellphone to keep in touch throughout. When she came back with a few European knick knacks to show for her adventures and a cell phone bill worth about $1550, it got me thinking. For many European countries, AT&T will charge you something like $1.29 for each minute you call back home. If you want their top-of-the-line cheap rate, you’ll need to get their special international calling plan. Surely there has to be better way to make cheaper overseas calls when you are out of the country? If you happen to have a Blackberry or an iPhone, you could easily set it up to make free calls home with WiFi, or, if you want to go the regular route, at no more than about two cents a minute. How you ask? Why, with Skype or any number of competing services, of course. Skype has a twelfth of the world’s human population locked up (figuratively, not literally). Whoever you want to call, is probably on it. It used to be when it started out that you needed to crowd around your computer to use Skype; but these days, smart phones have got pretty good at it too. Setting your smartphone up to this is pretty easy. Make sure that it can do WiFi. Using WiFi, gives you much better voice quality than regular cell networks can. But if you don’t have it on your phone, you could alternatively just call and use several local phone services in the country you are in, that will put you on Skype. You can do this even if you do not have a smartphone. You would be charged just for what you would expect for a local call. They take you on Skype. There…

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